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<insert intelligent preamble here>
I'm back writing again. I miss my writings. Been away for a bit… 
1st-Feb-2010 01:57 am
I'm back writing again. I miss my writings. Been away for a bit looking for something more tangible, I suppose.

14 weeks since last post. Time flies quickly.

Went on a trip to Cambodia and Bali, decided backpacking is my LIFE, met a whole lot of new people, fell in and out of relationships and love. Got an STD, went for an operation, moved to a new office, found a new gym... there's comfort in the new me.

Been right back into the art of dating, and Daniel shares a parallel view. We're both going for it again, a healthy change from Mr Finland who made me regress a few years into childhood. Going online has never felt this new - phrases like "depends on the chemistry" and "open to experimentation" are so not me, but they work, at least for now, in explaining my lack of care for the uninitiated.

I recently got into crushes with roughly the same TYPE of people - the bimbos. They're good to look at, to smell and to fuck, but venture into the topic of conversation and they fall short. What's with that?
10th-Feb-2010 12:49 am (UTC)
Welcome back! Well, because you attract them! Duh!
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